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Craig Balding
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Hi, I'm Craig Balding and I started Threat Prompt to share my AI security journey.

I run my own cybersecurity business which directly supports my AI security research work. I support clients with technical and non-technical consulting.

I'm equally excited and fearful of Artificial Intelligence.

Excited by the doors AI is already opening and the leverage we can gain as individuals. Afraid because Generalised Artificial Intelligence will force humankind to face the biggest existential threat since nuclear.

AGI is estimated to happen this century, with a consensus estimate within the next 50 years. My gut feeling is it's sooner, and we still have much work to prepare.

My background

I am the proud founder and original Director of the General Electric Red Team.

We drove systematic capability uplift through numerous adversarial threat simulations. Naturally, this made our task harder, but challenging and fun is good.

My last full-time role was with Barclays PLC. I joined as Group Head of Cyber Risk and later was invited to become Group Security CTO. I was the accountable executive for all new security technologies, including cloud security strategy.

After 20 years of corporate life, I left to spend more time with my growing family in Budapest, Hungary.

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